Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour


Best Friends Animal Healthcare and Laser Center is located on Pine Ridge Drive off of 46 West. We are 1 mile west of the Colubmus/Bloomington exit off of I-65.


Sarah, one of our Customer Service Representatives, is ready to assist you and your pet. Welcome to Best Friends!


Our lobby is warm and welcoming. Once your pet has been "checked-in" we ask that you please have a seat and enjoy a slideshow of our staff members and upcoming events. A technician will be with you shortly. We keep our prescription veterinary diets on the shelf in the lobby for the convenience of our clients.

Exam Room 1

Our "tan room" is our newly rennovated exam room. This room has a lift table that will lower and raise for the comfort and safety our larger patients.

Exam Room 2

The "orange room" is also known as our cat room. This room contains important client handouts and displays to help you provide the best care for your feline friend.

Exam Room 3

The "green room" is used for small dog exams, doctor consults, and puppy classes. The table in this room can be folded up allowing more room for those rowdy pups!

Exam Room 4

The "blue room" is our fourth exam room. It too has a lift table for the comfort and safety of our larger patients.

Pharmacy and Labratory

We keep multiple medications on our shelves for the convenience of our clients. Our laboratory contains a CBC and chemistry machine. This allows your veterinarian to run in-house bloodwork on your pet, providing immediate information on the status of your pet's health. In addition, We have a microscope to view urine sediments (urine exams) and cytologies (samples of skin tumors).

Treatment Area

The treatment room is where your pet will go to have a blood sample drawn, receive a pedicure (nail trim) or have a minor procedure done by your veterinarian.

Intensive Care Unit

The ICU is where our hospitalized patients can receive IV fluid support and care. This also serves as our post-op recovery room. Glass doors enclose the ICU in order to allow your pet to be constantly visual to your doctors and trained technicians.

Isolation Room

The isolation room is where we care for our patients with a highly contagious disease such as parvovirus. This room is specially designed to help prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Radiology Room

The radiology room is where your pet will go to receive state-of-the-art digital x-rays. x-rays are used to view internal structures such as the heart, liver, and urinary bladder. X-rays are also used to evaluate boney changes such as a fracture or arthritis.

Surgery Room

The surgery room is where your veterinarian performs sterile surgical procedures such as a spay or neuter. The table is equipped with a re-circulating water blanket to keep your pet warm during anesthesia. The monitoring equipment and anesthetic machine are within easy reach of our trained technician that is assigned to care for your pet while under anesthesia. Our veterinarians use laser in place of a scalpel (see Our Services for more information). In addition, the surgical suite is equipped with a computer to view x-rays to help assist your veterinarian with a fracture repair or an ACL tear.

Dental Area

The dental "wet" table is where your pet will get their teeth professionally cleaned. This table is equipped with a grate allowing water from the ultrasonic scaler to drop into the sink instead of soaking your pets coat and lowering their body temperature. (see professional teeth cleaning under Our Services for more information) The anesthesia machine and monitoring equipment are within easy reach for the trained technician assigned to your pet during anesthesia. The dental x-ray unit is available to evaluate potential periodontal disease located beneath the gum line.